Guest Guide 52 Pleasant St

Thank you for choosing the North House Lodge for your stay in Ludlow, Vermont! 

If you have any questions about our place or our town, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can be reached at  If you need immediate assistance or have an emergency, please call or text us at 802-265-0242.  

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Left behind items


House Rules

Wifi and Internet



What we stock


Cleaning supplies


Washer & Dryer


Beds & Linens


What we stock


Heating & Cooling



Fire Pit

Outdoor Grill



Eating Out


Planning Your Arrival 

You will receive an email with check in instructions and our address a few days before check in.  It will include your personal door code which will be activated at 4pm on the day of your arrival.  

Parking: park on the left side of the house. There is parking for 3 cars in tandem.  During winter and heavy snow-fall it may only fit 2 cars. 

When it snows you will need to move your car for our team member to plow the drive.

Do not park on the street overnight.  The town will ticket cars parked on the street overnight.  


Check out is at 11 am.  Late check out must be approved in advance.  Our cleaning team usually arrives at 11:15 am to prepare for the next guests.  Please be prompt.  

Before you go

Please help our housekeepers prepare for the next guests by doing the following:

  • Set the heat to 55 when leaving
  • We’d love it if you loaded the dishwasher.
  • Please pile your used linens by the washer.
  • Empty the refrigerator.
  • Place trash in the outside trash bin located on the porch.
  • Close and lock all of the windows and close doors securely.  

Lost and left behind items

Don’t forget your phone charger!

We’d be happy to ship you items left behind via Priority Mail. There’s a minimum $25 fee, depending on the cost of postage and packing time/materials needed to ship.




  • Quiet time is after 9:30pm. Please be kind to our neighbors and keep the noise level no louder than a normal conversation level, no loud music, karaoke, or running on stairs.
  • Smoking Policy- no smoking of any kind indoors.  Please don’t throw butts on the ground outside.  
  • Pets – no pets of any kind are allowed due to health reasons.


You’ll find the wifi password displayed near the TV in our home.  


We provide Roku TV with free movies and access to all of your own apps.  We use the guest mode for ROKU which means you can log into your own accounts and apps.

Guest mode on RUKU: You’ll be prompted to enter your check out date when opening the app first time. Any login information you enter including passwords will be erased at your pre-selected time on check-out day.   Please bring your account information and log-in passwords for apps or channels you are planning to watch. 

We have several apps preloaded such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU and more.


You’ll find a courtesy tray of Keurig coffee, tea, creamer and sweeteners to get you started.

What we stock

  • Basic spices and cooking oils
  • Foil, plastic wrap, assorted zip top baggies
  • Pots and pans 
  • Dishes, silverware, glasses
  • Serving ware, large bowls, glass pans, cheese board

Kitchen appliances

  • Drip coffee maker
  • Keurig coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Blender
  • 6 burner gas stove and oven
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Wine cooler
  • Dishwasher

Cleaning supplies

  • Individually wrapped new sponge for each guest
  • Paper towels
  • Dishwasher detergent located in lower cabinet to the left of the sink
  • Dishwashing liquid located on counter
  • Spray cleaner
  • Broom and dustpan, located next to trash bins in the kitchen

Extra cleaning supplies and trash bags are located in the lower cabinet to the right of the kitchen sink.


  • Place regular trash in the trash can. 
  • Place recycles and glass in bags on top and securely put the lid on the trash can.
  • There are additional trash bags in the cabinet to the right of the kitchen sink.

Do not leave bags of trash on the porch, animals will get into it. If you need trash removal during your stay please let us know.  


Our HE washer and dryer are located in the hallway along with complimentary laundry detergent. 

Washing machine instructions:  Press power to turn unit on.  Select washing options, add liquid soap to tray.  Press start. 

Dryer instructions:  Press power to turn dryer on.  Turn dial to select dry options. Press start.

Note: The dryer is stacked above the washer. If you’re vertically challenged, use the folding footstool on the side of the washer and dryer to see the dryer options.  


This home sleeps 8 and has three bedrooms. The two second floor bedrooms have a queen bed and the third floor bedroom has four twins.

You’ll find crisp 100% cotton sheets, a comfortable mattress, fluffy down and down alternative duvets as well as down and down alternative pillows in each bedroom.


There are two full bathrooms in this house. One on the first floor and one on the second floor. Our bathrooms are stocked with white fluffy towels, top quality liquid hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. There is also a hair dryer.


Outdoor Grill

There is a charcoal grill located on the side porch by the kitchen door. You will need to supply your own charcoal. You’ll find long handled grilling tools in the kitchen.

Please move the grill to the driveway and away from the house and propane tanks before using. We’d appreciate it if, when done you’d place it back on the porch.

Please clean the grate after using it by wadding a piece of foil up and running it over the cooking surface before putting it back on the porch.

Fire Pit

There is an outdoor fire pit in the back yard. It’s available during spring, summer and fall. During the winter it’s not shoveled and may not be accessible. You’ll find firewood by the shed on a rack. Please cover the wood back up when done.

Fire pit rules:

  • No more than 3 logs at a time
  • Always put the fire out with the garden hose in the back yard, turn off the hose at the hose bib when done!

Ski Locker

There is a lockable outside ski locker located on the kitchen porch. You’ll find the key hanging on the key holder by the kitchen door and coat rack. Please do not store skis and snowboards on the house.

Please, DO NOT TAKE the key.



The North House Lodge is very well insulated. You’ll find the Nest thermostat located in the kitchen. Feel free to adjust the temperature to your comfort level. We do ask that you help us keep the bills down by lowering the temperature to 65 when you leave for the day and down to 55 degrees when you check out.

The third floor has an electric radiator that will help keep the room very warm. Turn it on medium or high a few hours before going to bed to warm the room.


Besides looking pretty, the gas fireplace in the living room will help heat the first and second floor quickly. There is a wall switch to the right of the fireplace to turn it on. Please turn the fireplace off when leaving the house.


Window Fans and tower fans are located in each bedroom.

Bring the cool air in! Vermont is wonderfully cool at night.

Use the window fans to bring in the cool air from outside. The window fans are simple to place in the windows, gently pull out the side panels until they fit into the window grooves on each side of the window frame. Do not leave them in the window when it’s raining and please put them back in the closet when you check out.

The weather cools down significantly at night here in Ludlow. The easiest way to keep the house cool is to open the top and bottom windows on each floor when it’s cool. Close the windows and drapes when it’s hottest during the day.

To open the top of the window pull down at the finger pulls. To open the bottom, pull up. This helps circulate the air in the room. Hot air flows out of the top opening and cool air flows in.

We also have a few tower fans located in each of the bedroom closets.



We have two markets nearby for groceries. Shaws Market on Pond Street is a short drive or walk from the house.

Singleton’s, Market which we highly recommend you visit at least once if you’re a foodie, is located a few miles down the road. Great smoked and marinated meats and more.

Locals always boast you can buys your guns, liquor, food and more at Singletons. They even have a small upscale clothing dept.